Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cleaning Up After Your Pet and Community Pet Rules

Courtney Station is proud to say we are a "Pet Friendly" community. We understand pets are family too. We would like to take the time to go over some pet rules so you, the pet owner, can help maintain our community. Please reference back to your Pet Addendum in your lease for detailed information.

  • All pets on property must be documented in your resident file. Please contact management office in regards to start the process.
  • 2 pets are permitted per apartment ONLY
  • In order to keep the grounds clean & sanitary all pets must be taken to the designated areas away from the building perimeters & all pet waste must be cleaned up with baggie or poop-scoop immediately.
  • Your pet must be kept on a leash at all times when outside the apartment.
  • Pets are not to be tied or staked outside the apartment and cannot be left unattended on the balcony/patio.
  • The pet owner is responsible for ALL damages caused by the pet & agrees to reimburse for all such damages done.
  • The pet owner agrees management has the absolute right to request that a pet be removed permanently from the premises if such pet causes unusual noise & disturbances or unusual damage to the premises or personal property belonging to the premises.
  • If y our pet urinates on the carpet in any room, management will replace the carpet & pad throughout. Urine cannot be removed by steam cleaning or deodorizing. You will be charged the full replacement cost minus depreciation for each full year of carpet age.
We ask that you cooperate with the pet rules to help provide a great living environment for you, your pet and your neighbors.

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